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Hazardous Materials



You may not transport non-exempt hazardous material to the APS in a private vehicle.

  • Shipments FROM the APS.

It is ANL policy that all shipments of hazardous materials leaving the ANL site be handled by ANL shipping. Any quantity of hazardous materials is to be transported on and around site by ANL Haz-Mat trained personnel.

Users, as the designated shipper, must be able to identify any and all hazards that might be present in the shipment. The Shipping/Transfer Order is now done through the PARIS system. The SER-CAT User Coordinator will prepare the Shipping/Transfer Order and give you a printed copy to attach to your shipment. Please provide the following information for your return shipment:

  1. Name of Institution, Date Required at Destination
  2. Recipient, Phone Number
  3. Complete Mailing Address
  4. Fed Ex Account Number
  5. Name of Hazardous Material, Quantity and Unit of Measure
  6. All associated hazards

The following forms (completed by the User Coordinator) must be placed in a plastic bag/envelope and attached to the dry shipper/dewar for transport to Haz Mat Shipping:

  1. CAT Hazardous Material Manifest (2 copies)
  2. Dry Shipper Form
  3. MSDS
  4. Copy of Letter of Competent Authority (2nd Revision)
  5. Copy of Transfer Order

Do not prepare Fed Ex Airbill. The proper forms for Shipping Dangerous Goods will be prepared by Haz Mat personnel.

All Haz Mat not ready by noon will be shipped the next business day.

  • Internal Shipments:

Do not move hazardous material from building to building within ANL. An APS Floor Coordinator will help you arrange all on-site moves.  Any questions?  Contact our Floor Coordinator or call 630-252-0600 or Page at 630-252-0101.