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Shipping Dewars



It is best to address the dewar care of a present-day staff member, eg.:


c/o Norma Duke,

Sector 436B / SER-CAT Beamlines,

9700 South Cass Avenue,

Lemont, IL 60439


phone: 630-252-0648


Please include a "Return Shipping Label" with your shipping dewar. Excess liquid nitrogen will be voided from your shipping dewars before departure from beamlines.


Dewars shipped to ANL are initially delivered to Shipping and Receiving staff. ANL shipping services are only available during normal business hours, Monday-Friday; weekend staffing is not available. Please do not use Saturday delivery, or try to deliver through the Argonne Guest House, unless you are a registered guest at the hotel. Dangerous or Hazardous Shipments cannot be accepted at the Guest House.